Blameless is a mysterious first-person adventure with primary focus on puzzle solving and short story. The player will appear in a role of an architect being obstructed in an unfinished house trying to investigate strange happenings, after discovering evidence of a violent nature.


Playing in a role of a young architect, you are asked by an unknown man to help with some design decisions in the interior of his unfinished house. Accepting the legitimate request, you are taken to the house the same evening. Wandering about the interior, you notice a slight detail with your trained eye and turn to the man to tell him about blood stains spilled on the floor. That's when you get hit in the head, falling to the floor, passed out.

When you wake, the man’s gone. Your phone is smashed and the only door out is locked. You are no hero, but there's no other choice than to investigate the strange whatabouts yourself. Looking around, your architect instinct tells you that you don’t really need to open the door in order to pass through…


You progress in your investigation as you solve laid out puzzles, slowly uncovering the background of the events. The gameplay features cramped locations to boost the heaviness of the overall feel.

Puzzles are solved by interaction with objects in the environment and can have alternative solutions. The available objects and the order of actions may not therefore be strictly given. Some locations also let you choose from a number of puzzles. This increases the player's ability to solve the puzzles in their own inderstanding. Not all interactive objects, however, need to be puzzle-related.


I am a one-man studio developing with Unity. I decided to give players the opportunity to enjoy a first-person adventure without having to be totally scared. An adventure with plot, real-life puzzles and minigames, expectation, and need to uncover the truth. And no price tag.
Released March 2016 | Download


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