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Steam release

Blameless v1.3.5

Major update
Latest version released on Steam.
  • Main character voice over re-recorded to address feedback
  • Mac OS X version performance optimizations
  • Bug fixes
New Features:
  • Voice over tracks for reading in-game notes
  • Steam achievements
  • Added Polish localization

Previous releases

Blameless v1.2

Major update
Language support was introduced in this version of Blameless.
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • Changed jump landing sound
  • Mac version is experiencing compatibility issues and will be released once these have been resolved.

Blameless v1.1

Major update
This major release was compiled to address initial player's feedback and reported issues after release of v1.0.1. It brings better overall experience and on top adds a few more features.
  • Interaction crosshairs no longer flicker with incorrect interaction icon
  • Ceiling no longer dissapears near the pallet lifter
  • Mouse no longer focuses on an adjecent screen while moving around
New features:
  • Added support for windowed mode
  • Added missing sound effects on some interactions
  • Added voice over and observation interactions
  • Replaced some interaction sounds
  • Performance does not jitter during saving the checkpoint
  • Smoother interaction animations
  • Alternative for the final puzzle is harder to spot

Blameless v1.0.1

Patches a minor glitch in one of the interactions. Download this release instead of v1.0
  • Fixed broken interaction between metal pipe and pallet after second checkpoint.

Blameless v1.0

Full release
Full release of Blameless takes the previous concepts and brings a full game of approximately 40 minutes of gameplay.
  • A glitch was reported in this version, please download v1.0.1 above instead.

Previous Alpha releases

Alpha release aims to evaluate the gameplay, puzzles, controls and overall atmosphere. The storyline is merely hinting away the plot featured in upcoming final release and is not by any means full.

Blameless v0.1.2 Alpha

General update
  • Added puzzle assistance and points of interest features
  • Increased environment details
  • New models, textures
  • Mouse sensitivity option
  • Fixed occasional fall through the floor
  • Fixed out-of-place subtitles in some resolutions
  • more...

Blameless v0.1.1 Alpha

Minor update
  • Exterior ambient sound effect
  • Increased floor detail
  • Fixed ambient sound crossfade effect

Blameless v0.1 Alpha

Concept release
Initial alpha release for concept evaluation and feeback. You might experience errors, bugs, or crashes. In such case it would be great if you gave me a chance to improve the experience from playing Blameless by commenting on issues on IndieDB profile page.